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Monday 10 June 2019

Antique hemstitch - Tutorial

I had the embroidery from last years 'small rose challenge' sitting on my desk for months, so yesterday being a rainy Sunday I decided it was time to do something about it once and for all.

I thought framing it would be nice, but it was lacking something? So I settled on an antique hemstitch border since it is a little unusual, yet quick and easy to stitch.

It’s really a nice and easy way to finish off an embroidery without having to cross stitch a border around it. Naturally, it only works on linen or even weave - not aida.

I worked it on two pulled threads, over four threads, but you can also work it on more or less threads. But if you want to weave the pulled threads back to form the corner, you need to have an even number such as 2, 6 or 8 threads.

The threads you go over for the little eyelets don’t have to be four like I did, but two, or three. I started on a corner and at the end realized I didn’t have enough threads to work over four all the way, so the last two are over three threads… but you hardly notice it.

You start on the back of your embroidery and work your way around, once you figure it out it goes quite fast and is nice and relaxing. I used a stiff crochet thread, but you can also use regular threads or perle cotton though I might not recommend regular embroidery floss as you want the stitch to hold the tension.

Perfect corners: Pull two threads, one of which you remove completely. Put the remaining thread on a needle and weave it back.

Antique hemstitch step 1: Work on the back of the embroidery. Pass the needle under four threads.

Antique hemstitch step2: Bring the needle over and slip it under two thread.

Antique hemstitch step 3: Pull the thread and tighten a little. Now you should have a nice little open hole.

Always sign and date your work ! It doesn't have to be very large, just a small, discreet date and name is fine. Here I signed my nickname and date with a sewing thread over two linen threads.

Small rose part 1 - Cross stitch
Small rose part 2 - Gobelin stitch
Small rose part 3 - Petit point 
Small rose part 4 - Bead embroidery

The small rose pattern is available as a free instant download on my website, see link below. 
I would like to challenge you to also try out different techniques and styles of embroidery, needlework or other crafts that can be worked from counted patterns. The possibilities are endless, and lot’s of fun. 
Be sure to tag your work with #smallrosechallenge  or #rolanddesigns
The free pattern can be downloaded here:

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