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Cross stitch tools

Cross stitch aida/linen conversion chart

Aida 11ct / 4.3pts cm
Aida 14ct / 5.5pts cm 
Aida 16ct / 6.3pts cm 
Aida 18ct / 7.1pts cm 
Evenweave/ Linen 20ct / 8fils cm 
Evenweave/ Linen 25ct / 10fils cm  
Evenweave/ Linen 28ct / 11fils cm  
Evenweave/ Linen 32ct / 12fils cm
Evenweave/ Linen 36ct / 14fils cm

 Cross stitch needle size

The rule of thumb is to use a needle that when threaded does not enlarge the hole of your aida, or linen. Of course, it also depends on your personal preference, and do be aware that a # 28 is not just a thin needle, but a short one as well.
Here is a helpful little chart with the measurements for both imperial, and metric fabric size.

Fabric size
Fabric size metric
Needle size
8 ct aida
3.2 aida
# 20
11 ct aida / 14-20 ct linen
4.3 aida / 8 threads per cm linen
# 22
14 ct aida / 28-30 ct linen
5.5 aida / 10-11 threads per cm linen
# 24
16 ct aida / 32 ct linen
6.3 aida / 12 threads per cm linen
# 26
18 ct aida / 36 ct linen
7.1 aida / 14 threads per cm linen
# 28

Thread conversion tool

Here the link to a useful thread converter tool for DMC threads:


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