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Sunday 5 August 2018

Small rose. Free cross stitch pattern - Part 5 Stitching paper and half cross stitch

Continuing with the small rose challenge, I decided to try the pattern on perforated paper in half cross stitch.  I have a very small, and treasured stash of Tokens and trifles cards and the pattern was fortunately just the right size.

Tokens and trifles was a small company that offered the most amazing Victorian era inspired punch paper cards for embroidery; it was a great loss to the stitching community when they had to close in 2015. The founder of the company wrote a moving blog post explaining the difficulties small companies face with getting loans, and enough demand to stay open. Take this to heart, and try to support as much as possible small entrepreneurs, artisans and artists. As it is often said in the artists circles – If everyone who visited a gallery or market stand and admired the work of the artist bought even just one postcard each, that artist might be able to continue their work. How many beautiful contributions to the world we will never know of because an artist, or artisan was not able to support themselves by their craft ?

Well, back to the embroidery, have you ever stitched on paper ?  I think it’s quite nice and easy, but you do need to pay attention to not bend the paper, and of course you can’t wash the item so you must work with clean, and dry hands – something that has been difficult this summer due to the heat wave in Northern Europe, my hands were getting so warm and sweaty that I did not do any embroidery the whole months of July, instead I started a new knitting project – more on that later.

Small rose worked on stitching card in half cross stitch with one strand of embroidery floss

The back of the card

The front

Small rose part 1 - Cross stitch
Small rose part 2 - Gobelin stitch
Small rose part 3 - Petit point 
Small rose part 4 - Bead embroidery

The small rose pattern is available as a free instant download on my website, see link below. 
I would like to challenge you to also try out different techniques and styles of embroidery, needlework or other crafts that can be worked from counted patterns. The possibilities are endless, and lot’s of fun. 
Be sure to tag your work with #smallrosechallenge  or #rolanddesigns
The free pattern can be downloaded here:
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During the holiday month I took the time to pull out all my boxes of embroidery patterns, samplers and other research materials then organize them once and for all! It is not a dream solution, but those cardboard boxes will have to do until I have a studio of my own for work and storage. 

Many of my patterns are in pretty good conditions for their age, but paper items that are over 100-150 years old need to be handled with care and stored away from moisture, dust, light and of course should not be stored under too much weight or touching anything plastic. The antique samplers even more so, as antique textile items require delicate handling, or best no touching at all. 

Sorted and labled ! These boxes contain my middle sized patterns and antique samplers, smaller items are in other boxes and the very large ones are actually stored at present under my bed !

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