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Sunday 19 August 2018

Shades of Eire by drops designs - Part 1

Shades of Eire

My latest knitting project is a three color shawl called ‘Shades of Eire’ by drops designs. I was attracted to the overall simple design, with the rows of lace at the bottom. 

But green being not exactly my color I decided to use more earthy tones, so replacing the green and olives alpaca yarn with:
0100 off white
2020 light camel mix
0607 light brown mix

When I looked over the pattern I was a little confused about the purl lines, turns out they are short rows not just a decorative change of stitch – I checked up online a little and found another blogger who said it gave the shawl a bit of a funny shape, something the original (and only photo) on the drops website did not show. So I decided to omit those short rows and simplified the pattern a little thus: 


Row 1-4 as indicated in original pattern = 9 stitches

Edge. Slip first stitch on each row.

Row 5. K1, YO, K1, YO, K until middle marker. YO, slide marker, K middle stitch, slide marker, YO, K until last 2 stitches. YO, K1, YO, K1 

Row 6. Purl all stitches

Color 1 - Rows 1 – 4. Then  15 repeats of pattern ( rows 5 + 6 )  = 99 stitches
Color 2 - 18 repeats of pattern ( rows 5 + 6 ) = 207 stitches
Color 3 - 18 repeats of pattern ( rows 5 + 6 ) = 315 stitches
Color 4 – Last row, now only in the solid dark color: K1, YO, K until middle marker. YO, slide marker, K middle stitch, slide marker, YO, K until last stitch. YO, K1 = 319 stitches ( 159 on each sides of the markers and 1 in the middle )

Now you can begin the lace pattern as indicated in the original design.

This simple increase works well for shawls and can be repeated at will to make a longer/larger shawl.

Drops Alpaca

Almost done with the easy part of the shawl, next the lace border

Disclaimer: All recommendations or opinions are my own preference, and point of view; I am not sponsored or affiliated with Drops designs.