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Sunday 14 May 2023

Anchor - Free cross stitch pattern

Like most needlework interested persons, I have far too many UFO’s (UnFinished Objects). Such as the sweater I started knitting a year ago, the large sampler that has sat on my desk for a couple years, and ‘shame, shame, shame’, a glorious cross stitch picture from Lavender & lace which I started over a decade ago and never got around to finishing. 


With a full time job, and studying (almost finished though), I have found that 24 hours days are just too short for doing all that one needs, and wants to do. That is why a little while back I started on a spot sampler. When the need-to-stitch starts to itch my fingers, I can stitch a small motif and not feel guilty for not completing a large project. I would definitely recommend it to others who like to embroider, but don’t have much time. 


The newest addition is a little anchor pattern, re-charted from an antique bookmark in my private collection. The anchor was stitched in cross stitch on punched paper, then sewed on a decorative ribbon.

I stitched the flowers in petit point, and the rest in cross stitch. 


The pattern is available on the website, and for those who are curious, here are the colours I used: 


DMC 3346 – Medium green

DMC 3348 – Light green

DMC 3328 – Medium pink

DMC 776 – Light pink

DMC 3371 – Dark brown

DMC 801 – Medium brown

Antique punch paper and ribbon bookmark

In the Victorian era, an anchor was a symbol of hope and was often paired with a

heart, and cross to symbolizes Faith, Hope, Love.


“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love!”

1 Corinthian 13:13 NIV


Close up of the original embroidery

Link to pattern:


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