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Sunday 6 November 2022

Christmas ornament 2022

Super easy filet crochet ornament

These small filet crochet ornaments look pretty and are really simple to make. I tried different types of think crochet threads, Perle cottons and crochet hook size, and you can absolutely do the same, but I did find that I got the best result with DMC Cebelia size 20, and a 1.00 crochet hook. 


Filet crochet in itself is pretty straight forward, yet when it comes to increasing and decreasing, most find that the decreasing is easier, while increasing, especially a solid block can be a little fiddly. This is where a little ‘trick’ I learned years ago, was used with these small ornaments to keep the edges crisp, something that is not always easy to accomplish when working with very thin yarn.


The ‘trick’, or ‘hack’ as people now call it, is quite simply that you start on the widest side, work you way down, then pick it up again from the top and finish the ornament. This way, you only have to worry about decreases, which are really easy to do. 


To decrease, you make 1 ch in the air, then slip stitch (sl st) into the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stitch. Next make 3 ch and continue with the pattern, when you come to the end, just turn you work and start the next row. 


"....pick it up again from the top and finish the ornament."

Ornament before and after blocking and stretching

The little ornaments will need to be stretched and possibly starched.  For mine I made a simple solution of corn-starch and water, soaked them a few minutes inside, then stretched them on a cork pot holder covered with a plastic film. Once dried they hold their shape pretty well and can be used as single ornaments or hung together to make a garland.

Stretched and drying after a light starching


The pattern (with several variations) is available as a PDF:


Tips for filet crochet:

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