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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Winter smiles knitted hat. Pattern review


Super simple pink knitted hat in Peer Gynt wool

One cold winter morning I reached out for my favourite and warmest hat, but it wasn’t on the hat shelf! Someone had taken it, again!

I thereby decided that I would knit a hat that no one in my household would ‘borrow’ on purpose (or by mistake), I also wanted a hat that would be warm and knit up as quickly as possible. I settled on the winter smiles hat by DROPS designs, marched myself to the local yarn shop and bought some very pink 100% wool yarn.

The hat was meant to be knitted in an alpaca mix, but then Peer Gynt is an old favourite so the overall look is slightly different than in the photos on the DROPS website; the hat came out comfortable and warm.

The hat was a quick knit and used almost two whole balls of yarn (100g); the folded piece is quite long so depending on your preference you could make the hat shorter but I would still recommend having 80-100g of wool.

The pattern is straight forward, though the diagram at the end didn’t make much sense and was rather confusing.

It would be simpler to say:

-          - Cast on 108 stiches on round 3.5 mm needles for a medium hat.

-          - Knit in rib until the hat measures 27 cm

-          - Add a marker every 12 stitches.

-         -  Knit 2 together after every marker for a full round, then knit a round without decrease.

-       - Continue with one decrease round, and one regular round until you have 18 stitches left on the needles.

-         - Knit all remaining stitches 2 together. Cut the strand and pull it through the remaining stitches, tighten, fasten off and Voila! Your hat is done!


The colour I picked is number 4023, and I must add a disclaimer here: I love Peer Gynt yarn and have knitted several DROPS patterns, but the suggestions, recommendations and observations written here are all my own, I am not sponsored by either company.  

The pattern is availabe for free here: Winter smiles hat

Detail of the crown

Winter smiles hat. Free pattern from DROPS designs

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