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Monday, 29 June 2020

Penrhyn castle - Antique Berlin woolwork

Antique Berlin woolwork embroidery - Penrhyn castle

Penrhyn castle is located in Northern Wales and while it is erected on the site of an older stone castle, the structure we see today dates only from the early 1800’s and was commissioned by a wealthy family at the time of the Norman revival. The ‘castle’, or more precisely ‘the country house’ was built in the Neo-Norman style by the architect Thomas Hopper.

The 1800’s were a time of discovery and nostalgy.  On one hand progress, inventions, daring adventures and a great interest in geography and natural history, on the other hand a longing for the past, a growing fascination with archaeology and antiquity, and an overall romanticised view of times past.

This little Berlin woolwork embroidery came into my possessions some years ago and for the longest time I had no idea which castle it depicted, that is until I saw a similar embroidery for sale on Ebay which unlike my own example had the name of the castle stitched below the picture.

The castle and garden now belongs to the National trust and is open for the public.

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Penrhyn castle - cross stitch pattern

Would you like to stitch your own version of Penrhyn castle ?

A reproduction of the pattern is available on the website and ETSY.

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