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Saturday, 5 January 2019

'Hugo' knitted poncho. Part 2

I spent about 3 months knitting the Hugo poncho by Gosia Grajdek , the pattern was simple enough and knitted up fast. 

Unfortunately the written pattern had a mistake in regards to the amount of stitches needed to make the cable details in the bottom match.

In the pattern it reads:

“….Count the stitches between cables. The number should be divisible by 8 + 4 (eg.25*8+4=204)….”

This gives you the wrong count for the cables, the stitches should be divisible by 8. I worked 27 rows instead of the recommended 25 and stopped when I had 416 stitches – 208 on each side of the markers. 

I added three rows of purl and finished off.

The poncho is warm, and very comfortable. The only observation I can add is that it hangs a bit lumpy in the front/back I think this is due to having stopped with the increases when beginning with the cable edge at the bottom.

Drops Nepal is thick, 100% wool and a pleasure to work with. I used dark grey, but if I would knit again I might use a lighter colour, or rows of colour. 

Hugo knitted poncho part 1:

Hugo poncho by Gosia Grajdek

Close up view of the cable detail

The collar is large and comfortable, but not very close fitting

My daughter Rosaline modelling the poncho, she is the same height as me so I would say the poncho fits well a medium size. If you are taller you might want to make it longer

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