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Thursday, 25 October 2018

'Hugo' knitted poncho. Part 1

My needles were empty and I needed a new project, so after a lot of time on Pinterest I came to the conclusion that I needed a poncho! This resulted in even more time spent on Pinterest and the internet to find just the right design, as always I like to use a pattern that has a good reviews and is something I’m actually going to use.

I settled on this free pattern called ‘Hugo’ by Gosia Grajdek. It looked warm, easy enough but with a little lace/cable work to keep the project interesting.

The pattern is available in 6 languages, and can be downloaded right from

I’m knitting it in drops Nepal color 0517 – Medium grey

I already had the needles and cable needles in my stash so it was just a matter of getting 14 skeins of yarn, and printing the pattern.

So far so good, the pattern is very easy to follow and even the cable bit is easy enough for beginners.

If you want to follow my progress, or see my other finished projects you can find me here:

'Hugo' Poncho - Just starting....

Pattern here:
Yarn bought from :

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