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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Ramona cardigan by Elizabeth Smith. Part 3

Finished with the body !

Yeah ! I’m finished with the body, it didn’t take too long and I’m pretty pleased with it. The original pattern is a little short for my taste so I added some extra rows at the end to add a little length to the cardigan.

A top-down raglan pattern is great for those of us who want to have control over the length of a sweater/cardigan (adding, or removing rows to change the length), the only drawback is that the hem to my taste is not so pretty with a simple CO (cast off). When you begin with the ribbing you have a nice ribbed edge, when you end with a ribbing the CO row is a little off, no matter how nicely you do it, leaving the bottom edge a little stiff, and not as elastic as one would like. 

Maybe there is technique to it ?

So far I’ve enjoyed knitting with the chunky woollen yarn, apart for the – knot ! The last two sweaters I knitted were with finer wool and the change of thread was not too much of an issue, but now I fear that the big, chunky knot will feel like the proverbial pea under the mattress. Maybe I will undo the knots delicately, and weave in the ends ? 

Any tips from experienced chunky wool knitters ?

Ramona sweater, only the sleeves and edges left.

Details of the hem

"What to do with those chunky knots ? "

Part 1:
Part 2:

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