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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

93 - Victor Hugo

A little earlier last month my husband, oldest son and I took a short trip to France for a  family reunion. 

We had only a couple days, and had not planned on doing much more than spending time with my family. But we did pass the old town center in Strasbourg on a saturday, and the display of a street book seller  caught my eyes.

I really can't resist taking a look at books, especially vintage or antique ones. One quick glance, and this one volume stood out to me, an early edition of Victor Hugo's last novel titled "93" (after the 1793 revolt in the Vendée).
The story centers around three small children, and their widowed peasant mother. Caught between two fighting forces, they are innocent victims of their time.

It's a story of revolutionaries, versus royalist. Of the conflict between duty, and moral duty.

I actually had just read the book, and while it is a sad story it is also a nobel one..... 

This volume is beautiful illustrated with  many illustrations, and while I could not find a printing date I believe it is a late 1800's edition....  Maybe one of my readers can help me date it better ? 

Quatrevingt-treize. Victor Hugo

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  1. What a wonderful find! Especially since you were not looking for the book. I love books, but know absolutely nothing about antique books.