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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ung Husflid - Holmestrand

Norway's Husflidlag is an association founded in 1910 to preserve and promote traditional crafts, and culture.

They offer courses for children, and both my daughters have attended at some time the past couple years.

Last week Rosaline and I went to one of their evening meetings where the topic was specifically directed toward the children’s courses.  The children and teens got to display the items they made, and we had cake and coffee while a lady demonstrated  ideas, and techniques geared specifically toward younger crafters. 

In the room there was some very attractive woven pictures, I haven’t done much weaving apart for school projects when I was little and these looked so pretty that it is something I will just have to try one day….

Check out their website:

Beautiful woven picture

A little peak at the technique
Rosaline next to the display

This little bag has been used quite a bit. It's always nice when you send your child to a course, and they come back with something they can actually use.....

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