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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Vintage German coffee grinder

Last month my husband got an itch to get a coffee grinder, fresh coffee is so much nicer and beside every household should have one ! Right ?

Well, true to our lifestyle he went online and found a vintage German one on Ebay.

After a little dusting, we didn’t do much more apart  for running to the shop to buy coffee beans, and starting the hand crank to see if it worked.

On the first try, we noticed it was grinding very fine… which is nice, but we wanted to use the French press, and for that you’ll want it slightly coarser. Vintage items rarely come with a user’s manual, so he just took a good look at it and found that if you lifted and turned a little piece around the base of the handle you could change the size of the grinder.

So, now on the weekend we can enjoy freshly ground coffee.

The coffee grinder is securely screwed to the wall.

Leinbrock's Jdeal - The company was reputed for the quality of it's items.

At the base of the handle there is a little round piece you can lift, and turn. The different slots are for changing the size of the coffee grinder.

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