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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Les jardins de Versailles cross stitch pattern + new Berlin woolwork.

By special request I'm happy to present 'Les jardins de Versailles'. 

A beautiful cross stitch pattern, re-charted from the 1912 French book  'Le filet anciens au point de reprise'

Re-charting this beautiful pattern was a bit of a challenge as the original in my antique book was rubbed and faded, beside being printed just about in miniature. I had to enlarge the pattern at least 300% to be able to chart it without straining my eyes.

The original book (Private collection)
You can just dream yourself back to 18th century France, and the beautiful gardens of Versailles as you stitch this beautiful, meter long panel.

Originally designed for lacis work, this pretty composition is perfect for cross stitch or filet crochet.

Design Area: 636 x 148 stitches

If stitched on 28 ct linen/ 14 ct aida the pattern will measure :  45,4" x 10,5" / 115,3 x 26,8 cm

Pattern found here:

Here you can see the original and the enlarged photocopy

I use a ruler to keep my place on the chart as I re-work it one stitch at a time on my computer.


I've just added another Berlin woolwork pattern to my collection and this one is lot of fun. 
The scene is a party  in a country setting, with people eating, drinking and dancing..... Maybe a wedding ?

Details from the picture