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Friday, 25 March 2016

Upgrading the Roland-designs site

    About a month ago I got an email from paypal that was very technical in content, what I did manage to understand was that the payment method on my website was outdated and would need to be upgraded by the 17th of June.

    I forwarded the email to my webhost and asked them to translate it into something I could understand. The answer came back with the simple response that my payment ‘widgets’ were indeed outdated, and that actually my whole site needed to be moved to their new site builder.

    Roland-designs was created in 2008 and at first the site had a real ‘mommy blogger’ look to it. It worked for a while, but when I became a more serious seller I had upgraded it to a more plain/modern theme which I was pleased with.

    I did as suggested and ‘upgraded’ my site, but to my dismay it looked ‘off’ in many places. Links went dead, pictures overlapped each other and some pages were distorted, and worst the automatic upgraded did not ‘fix’ the payment errors. I then realised I would have to go through each and every page and manually fix errors, re-upload photos and add a new payment widget to each and every item.

    At first I was quite annoyed by it, but once I started to work through it I realised that this was probably the best thing that could happen to my site anyways. A chance to get back to the drawing board and make it look fresh, new and up-to-date !

    This will be an ongoing process for some weeks as there is a lot to do, but I’m happy to say that the new site will be a lot more user-friendly and efficient. Some of the new features include social media buttons, contact form, drop menus, larger pages without distracting sidebars everywhere and photos that do not need time to load up.

    I hope you will like the new site, and if you have any suggestions, or request do let me know.

This is how the site looked like originally

This is what happened when I moved it to the new site builder

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