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Saturday 31 October 2015

Lot's of finished projects and the Christmas ornament collection for 2015.

    The past month I've been busy finishing up projects.
    Here is a photo of the pattern ' Give us this day our daily bread', it was crocheted with a size 0,75 hook and mercerised cotton. The finished piece measures 55 x 44 cm.

    The pattern is available here:

'Our daily bread !'.... All finished !

        For Christmas I designed 3 simple Hardanger ornaments, the large one comes also with 2 other variations ( not pictured ). They are relatively simple, and will take only 1-2 hours to stitch.

        Use them to embellish your Christmas cards, or to hang in the tree. Ideally you could make sets of them and give them away as handmade gifts for Christmas or even Valentine.

        Included in the PDF are instructions and tips for stitching Hardanger.

      You can find the patterns here:
      Free download of the little ornament here ( scroll down a little ):
Progress on the ornaments

Christmas ornament 2015

    Then last, but not least... here is a photo of 'One cat just leads to another'.

    It's a design by my sister Laura and she finally finished stitching it.

    The pattern is available here:

'One more cat...' Finished embroidery by Laura Martin