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Friday, 16 October 2015

ETSY European team captain summit 2015

ETSY Europe team captain summit 2015

    Last weekend I attended the 2nd ETSY European team captain summit, this time in lovely Amsterdam. We were 43 team captains from all over Europe, including 2 who came all the way from Singapore.

    The summit was also attended by  27 ETSY admin (administration), including Chad Dickerson the CEO for ETSY. 

    Having so many admin from various departments made us feel like our questions, suggestions and observations were taken seriously.  A good part of the summit was spent in small groups discussing issues that were relevant to us.  For example, the topic that was important to me was how ETSY could help sellers who register their shop, and make a living via their ETSY shops  in Europe. ETSY is an American based company, and most of the advice available in the sellers handbook regarding for instance taxes and such, is only relevant for US sellers.

  It felt good to be able to talk to persons who work with policies, sellers development, international community programs, translations, etc… and have them listen and understand that our European sellers need tools, support and education for running their shop.

Chad Dickerson, ETSY CEO

The schedule.
Special thank you to Anna Caroline Türk, the facilator who did a wonderful job with the planning and layout of the two day summit.

    We also had a time to focus on our own shops, where do we see ourselves in the coming years. How important to us is our shop(s), why are we captains of an ETSY team. It’s volunteer work, no one gets paid to do it. So how can we keep that motivation going, and at that the same time not take on more than we can actually accomplish.

‘The marketplace we make together’

    It is always inspiring and motivating to meet other ETSY sellers and team captains, everyone is so unique and different and the items we create are as varied as can be. But we all have something in common, we are artists in our own rights, we have a sense of beauty, we are like Chad said ‘ Not shy !’, and we are all dedicated to helping others reach their goals.

Naturally we all exchanged business cards, and even had¨a trade between us. Everyone brought a little something they make, it all went in a big basket and we tried our luck…. I picked out a little brown box, and inside found a sweet little amber necklace.
 ‘Thank you  Aistė , from


    Why am I a team captain ?

‘I believe everyone should have a chance to be more than what circumstances limits them to !’


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                                        Silja Erg -
                                        Nafsika Kokkini -
                                        Iris Duvekot

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