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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tasha Tudor and new project

    I recently discovered the world of Tasha Tudor. She was an American children book illustrator who slowly changed her life to reflect the way a rural American family would have lived in the late 1800's, including keeping alive traditional heirloom crafts.

    Via I was able to order several books about her ' ancient' lifestyle, those books ( now out of print ) are fully illustrated with beautiful photos showing her home, garden and crafts.

    Her family run a little website which includes a webstore full of lovely items, and prints.

Tasha Tudor's heirloom crafts

Beautiful illustrated book

A treasury of ideas, each chapter will spike your curiosity and you'll want to try your hand at dyeing and soap making.

     On another topic. I had all these wools leftover from a previous project, and being rather fascinated with fair isle at the present I decided to design a little pattern that will eventually be made into either a scarf, or cushion cover.

7 lovely colors

Just the beginning.....


  1. Love those colors together! That would make a beautiful scarf! I don't knit, but that pattern looks complicated!

  2. I am both fond of Berlin wool works and Tasha Tudor indeed!

    I should declare that, whenever I pay a visit to your blog, I am getting huge inspiration! I sincerely owe a big thank to you!

    As per the colors which you play with, are always so lovely like in this post!