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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A study in back and white- Toys.

    I have four children, so it is only natural that there are toys around the house.... so today I took my camera and decided to document what really goes on when the children are at school and the toys are left on their own.......

A knight defends the ledge from miniature dinosaur attacks

A large crocodile watches over my library

A dusty cowboy is ready to shoot whatever it is that is hiding behind the laundry basket.

I don't remember when that bear first appeared in my azalea plant, but he's been there for over a year at least.....

Legos, every home should have some legos left around... they don't actually collect as much dust as more ordinary ornaments do.....

A Diplodocus has eaten my tomatoes, and there seems to be a Pokemon ball in my onions.

A well worn mini monster sits on the bathroom mirror sill, and tells me later who brushed their teeth, and who wet their toothbrush only.

This pony has been accused of using up a whole bottle of shampoo in one wash..... or so told me her little mistress.

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