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Sunday 13 January 2013

Salad dressing

    I am not exactly a great fan of ready made dressing, as most are full of strange ingredients and as all true foodies know, there is no such thing as ‘ French dressing’ in France, nor ‘ Italian dressing’ in Italy. In those countries, most household have their own favorite olive oil/ vinegar /balsamic vinegar/ mustard blend that they use on their fresh salad.

    I do get tempted once in a while with Ranch dressing, but the bottle I bought recently tasted so fake and artificial that I decided to just trash it and make my own dressing.

    Here is a little recipe for a tasty, quick and easy dressing. But, don’t make a large quantity as it has to be eaten fresh and should not be stored due to the raw garlic. I made it one day with mayonnaise, and the next day tried it with natural yoghurt for a lighter version. The yoghurt version was a little more acidy, and more runny but tasted just as good.

Easy and tasty dressing 
Blend together all ingredients :

-          3 soup spoons mayonnaise ( or natural yoghurt )

-          1 soup spoon lemon juice

-          ½ a soup spoon Worcestershire sauce

-          1 grated garlic

-          3 soup spoons grated parmesan

-          Salt and pepper

    I am interested in collecting recipes for quick and easy salad dressing from around the world. If you have a family favourite that you could share with me I would love to try it.

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