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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Easy cable headband - Free pattern


The last headband I had knitted mysteriously disappeared? So, I decided to knit a new one, and actually ended up knitting two – One for myself and one for my daughter.

This is a one ball of yarn project, so a great stash buster. The pattern is best in a size 5, but as you can see from the photos the grey one is knitted in a size 4 yarn and needles and came out just fine.

A small word of caution – Don’t use itchy wool! The white one was knitted in pure wool, but I find it a bit itchy on my forehead so I’m actually knitting a new one right now in a softer wool brand.

The pattern is based on an older one I shared a little while back, it’s a classic design and knits up quickly. 

I found it a little tricky to sew together the ends when worked in cable right from the start, so I added a little band before and at the end of the cable pattern it makes it so much easier to finish off. Another little tip, if you want to knit the headband faster, just make the beginning band longer and knit the cable for only 15-20 cm, just for the top of the head, knit a matching beginning band and finish off.

Easy headband

-         -  Knitting needles size 5

-          - 1 ball of yarn for size 5 needles.

-          - Cable needle

-          - Wool needle


P – purl

K – knit



Cast on 19

Little band before cable pattern

P – k – p – k …. until end, turn work and repeat 4 times or until desired length.


Cable pattern

Row 1 – Purl

Row 2 – P2 – K1 – P2 – K9 – P2 – K1 – P2

Row 3 – Purl

Row 4 – P2 – K1 – P2 – K3 – Place 3 stitches on cable needle and hold on the back of your knitting – K3 – K3 from cable needle – P2 – K1 – P2

Row 5 – Purl

Row 6 - P2 – K1 – P2 – K9 – P2 – K1 – P2

Row 7 – Purl

Row 8 – P2 – K1 – P2 – Place 3 stitches on cable needle and hold on the front of your knitting – K3 – K3 from cable needle – K3 - P2 – K1 – P2

Repeat cable pattern until desired length, work a little more of the starter band, bind off and sew together. 


Simple knitted cable headband

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