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Monday, 4 January 2021

Drammen museum

At the end of each year, I sort and save the photos from the previous 12 months on the pc and a separate memory device, I think it’s smart to save digital items in at least two separate places and naturally to print or make albums out of the best photos.

It was while I was moving photos from my phone to the 2020 folder that I noticed I still had pics from the little visit we took to the Drammen museum last summer, I had meant to share them on the blog but somehow never got around to it.

So here they are, some photos taken during the summer. It was a very interesting feeling to visit a museum during the pandemic as it was practically empty, I think that apart for the people working there my husband and I were the only people there at the time. In a way I kind of enjoyed that, it felt a little like a VIP tour where you get the whole place just for yourself without having to bump and nudge other visitors.

I can hardly wait until we return to a more ‘normal’ life with the possibility to travel, explore again.

Info about the museum in English is found here:

The Drammen museum


The museum has quite a lot of different things to see, from the usual collection of local antiques to modern Scandinavian furniture, an art gallery, old buildings, a Japanese garden, vegetable plot and ‘wild meadow’. I guess there is a little something for everyone and certainly worth a visit on a nice sunny day.

The 'meadow' near the older farm houses.

A little Hardanger cushion.

A little sampler, not dated but probably from the mid 1800’s and unlikely from Scandinavia. Note the missing letter J

Berlin woolwork embroidery - Again, I am not sure this was made in Norway.

I love this painting, the light and shadows, the details, the storm approaching and the sun on the other side.

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