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Sunday, 26 April 2020

Rainbow + 'Thank you' - Free cross stitch pattern

The rainbow and its cheery colours has become the symbol of positivity during this time of pandemic. All around the world children have drawn or painted colourful rainbows and displayed them from their windows to remind the world that ‘It’s going to be OK! We’ll get through this!’

While many of us have been on lockdown, home schooling our children, working from home or simply waiting, a large group of key workers have kept society going. First and foremost, the doctors, nurses and health care worker who have been on the frontline, fighting this virus while putting themselves at risk in the process. And there are others, many of whom have a thankless and often unnoticed job who also deserve our thanks. Grocery shop keepers, truck drivers and deliver staff, teachers, pastors, garbage disposal and mail delivery personnel, the police, firemen, cleaners  and many more. 

For those of us who love to stitch, why not join together and stitch a ‘Thank you!’ for someone who deserves a bit of appreciation for doing their bit the past months. Here is a simple little chart you can easily stitch up in an hour or two and make into a card, or small framed picture. 

I’ve included a couple different languages, if you would like another one just send me message at:

Stay safe, stay positive !


Stitching a little rainbow card on a 'Tokens & trifles' punch paper card.

" Tough times don't last...." - Free cross stitch pattern

Spring 2020The worldwide Corona virus pandemic is forcing us all indoors, with many sick and quarantined we do what we can to wash our hands and keep our distance, nevertheless we also worry for our loved ones and the long-term consequences of this crisis… 

It is good to remember that the human race is tough, we have survived natural disasters, wars, famines, sicknesses, we are strong and resilient!

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do!”

PDF of the pattern available here:

I stitched it on my little 'Spot sampler'.