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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Simple cable headband - Free pattern

Having traveled abroad twice in the past month and consequently spend some considerable amount of time browsing Pinterest between flights, I developed a small  itch to knit something small, something that could be done in a couple of days, but also something useful. These are the kind of itches that ladies ( and some gents get too ) when they have several larger projects on the go, but miss the small thrill of casting on a new project on their needles.

The weather prediction was rain, heavy rain for the whole weekend, either way I had a cold and I figured we would probably be spending the better part of Saturday and Sunday indoor. 

So I took a look at my Pinterest board and found this simple, quick knit headband. The pattern recommends using drops big Merino, but my local shop didn’t have any so I just got a another  type of wool that fitted a size 5 needle. 

For 1 headband you will need:

-          - Knitting needles size 5
-          - 1 ball of yarn
-          - 1 cable needle
-          - Sewing needle

The pattern was originally written in Norwegian and can be found here: PannebÄnd

( P- purl, K- knit )
          Cast on 21 stitches

-        Row 1 - K1, p9, k1
Row 2 - P1, k9, p1
Row 3 - k1, p9, k1
Row 4 - p1, k3, place 3 sts on cable needle and hold in the back of work, k3, k3 from cable needle, p1
Row 5 - K1, p9, k1
Row 6 - P1, k9, p1
Row 7 - k1, p9, k1
Row 8 - p1, place 3 sts on cable needle and hold in the front of work, k3, knit 3 from cable needle, k3, p1

-          Continue until desired length, bind off and sew the ends together

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