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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Small rose. Free cross stitch pattern - Part 4 Cross stitch and beads

For part 4 I decided to work the rose with seed beads, while stitching the leaves in cross stitch.
To be honest at first I made a mistake by using beads that were just too big, and did not sit properly when stitched tightly together on my 28 ct linen fabric. So I took it all apart, and used Mill Hill seed beads instead.

Mill Hill beads are perfect for adding a little dimension to your stitching, or for working a counted pattern in beads. They come in several sizes, from petit seed beads to larger beads.  If you are planning on adding just a couple beads to your project, the size might not matter too much but for larger areas you need to make sure that the beads take up the actual space of a cross stitch and not more, otherwise you will end up with a distorted embroidery.

I used Wonder Invisible thread for attaching the beads, it’s a bobbin I bought years ago and honestly you use so little of it that it last forever and well worth investing in. You can also use fine fishing wire, or a thread that matches the color of the background, but be aware that beads are heavy and in time can make the embroidery sag so using quality beading thread is recommended.

Rose worked in Mill Hill seed beads

Small rose part 1 - Cross stitch
Small rose part 2 - Gobelin stitch
Small rose part 3 - Petit point

The small rose pattern is available as a free instant download on my website, see link below. 
I would like to challenge you to also try out different techniques and styles of embroidery, needlework or other crafts that can be worked from counted patterns. The possibilities are endless, and lot’s of fun. 
Be sure to tag your work with #smallrosechallenge  or #rolanddesigns

The cross stitch was stitched with 2 threads over two threads on 28 ct linen.
The free pattern can be downloaded here:
 PS: All recommendations are my own preference; I am not sponsored by Mill Hill or the creators of  Wonder Invisble Thread.

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