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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Old needlecase, with rare crochet hook - Free pattern

My dear sister Laura who lives in London is always finding treasures, and this time she presented me with a really special find.

She picked up in a charity shop a small version in English of the famous ‘Encyclopedia of needlework’ by Therese De Dillmont. This classic of needlework was available at the time in two format, and four languages.

Along with the little volume came a small leather and silk needlecase, the seller said it had come together and it would be nice to keep them together. Inside the needlecase was a few needles, one of them stamped ‘England’ and a small crochet hook.

The little crochet hook is dark, and has a simple pattern on the handle. It is rather small, and when I used it to crochet a little rosette ( see below for pattern ) I found it a little uncomfortable to use due to its size, but maybe it’s because I hold my crochet into the palm of my hand like a knife and not like a pencil as I have seen others do, especially in older photos. 

These items will go into my little display, and one day in my museum of needlework (Dream…. )

Thank you Laura !

Encyclopedia of needlework by Th. De Dillmont + vintage needlecase

Old leather and silk needlecase with some needles and a very small crochet hook

Old crochet, age un-known but around a 1.25 in size

Replica of a 1909 crochet rosette

Little rosette

Adapted from a 1909 pattern found in 'Irish crochet Technique and projects' by The Priscilla publishing Co

The rosette was worked with the old crochet hook ( approximately a 1.25 ) and DMC perle size 8

- Chain 8, join
- 2 sc, 1 picot (picot: Chain 3, slip into first chain). 3sc, 1 picot x 5. 1 sc, join
- Chain 8, sc into the 3rd sc between the picots x 6, join
- Petal: 2sc, 1dc, 7 tr, 1dc, 2sc
- Cut thread and weave in ends.

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