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Friday, 14 November 2014

Jours anciens de Cilaos

Jours anciens de Cilaos
My sister Laura surprised me with a very interesting needlework book she purchased the village of Cilaos in La Reunion island, where they have kept alive a  tradition of working beautiful embroideries similar to cut work/ Tenerife embroidery.

The technique was perfected by the daughters of  French immigrants in the 1800's, the craft thrived till a low period during  and after the war years. The development and preservation of the craft was taken up in the 1980's by the nuns of Notre Dames des neige.

The author of the book, Suzanne Maillot won the title of Meilleur ouvrier de France in 1993 ( best worker of France )

Small sample of Jours de Cilaos

Note the fine and delicate work....

Imagine the time and skill required to produce a beautiful tablecloth in.

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  1. Wonderful technique, very cute and sweet and delicate work! Thank you for sharing.