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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

First etsy team get-together in Norway and a finished project.

On the 8 th of Nowember we had our first Made In Norway etsy  team get together. We met up in Oslo at the kulturhuset, four lovely ladies came and we had a nice little 2 hour chat about selling on etsy.

Selling and buying online has grown in popularity and it is predicted  this year that at least 4 out of 10 will purchase Christmas presents online. (Source

We would like to have another get-together in the Oslo area in the spring and look into either participating in a market, or having our own etsy pop up market…. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed !

The happy smiles make up for the dark and fuzzy photos.


     I am happy to say I finally finished my knitted cowl project, I was actually done with the knitting a while back but hadn't had a chance to put together the instructions and take photos.

     Fair Isle style knitting is a lot of fun as you get to change colors often, and see the pattern grow. Maybe it's because I do so much embroidery, but I find myself always drawn to project that include a lot of colors... The funny thing is that when it comes to wearing colors, I am a bit shy and tend to stick to black, grey and earth colors...  I do try once is a while to add a little variety... but usually quickly revert back to my old habits. 

   I have been using my cowl though with a black or brown coat, the double layer of knitted wool makes it very warm. 

Colorful cowl, with a knitted lining.

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