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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The children's new year resolutions.....

     On the eve of the New Year the children were particularly excited, this is about the only time you get to see firecrackers in Norway making this the one of the most anticipated night of the year.
I wanted to do a little meaningful something since the children are getting older and they should have a little moral education once in a while.

    When I was a child the New Year candlelit reading of the resolutions was quite an affair, which included the visit, or visiting of friends, big dinner, cake and sleepovers. I often got what I wanted, a little brother, a little sister, but I am still waiting for the pink bicycle… then maybe I should just paint my bike pink and stop thinking about it…..

    I sat the four children around the kitchen table, served them some soda in wine glasses, and gave them each a piece of paper, a pen and a small candle. They then had 5 minutes to draw on the top of the page what they were most happy with in 2013, and on the lower half of the page what they dreamed about for 2014.

    There was some big ticket events last year, the visit of grandpa, the girls trip to France, and getting a car. Alain wrote ‘ hair’ on his paper, which leads me to believe he is very thankful for his beautiful hair ? While Roland was happy with school.

    Unanimously all the children want to go to Legoland next year , Alain wants to learn to swim and Roland want to open a lemonade stand and make some cash…. 

    As they read/told about their paper/drawing they lit a candle, at the end we said a little prayer for the new year and for our family members who are scattered all over 4 continents.  Then we blew the candles and watched the classic ‘ Around the world in 80 days’ till the clocks stroke 12.00 ( and I mean stroke in the real sense of the word since we have one of those noisy Grandfather clocks ) 

...... then it was bedtime in a new year !

The children's paper.....

The girls in Troyes ( France )


Alain with Grandpa at the silver mines

The four sibblings


  1. What a beautiful and meaningful plan. I think the children will remember that when they are old enough to retrospect.

  2. It's very beautiful photos your children :))) I like it....
    Greetings from Poland :-)