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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Knitted cable hat

    One of my goals for the new year was to improve my knitting skills, I'm pretty good with a crochet hook and can knit but would like to feel more confident, and try new techniques.

    Of course, time fails me so I decided to start with small projects and a little cable hat pattern I found in my stash of magazine seemed like a fun start to my new years resolution.

    This pattern is from the British magazine ' Simply knitting 'January 2011.

    It all was going fine till I got to one of the decrease rounds and had to unpick that round at least three times before I realised that the pattern had a mistake. I finally did the most logical purl/knit/p2tog, and sure enough the round was completed perfectly.

    This is a good reminder that sometime there are mistakes even in quality magazines, and you have to trust your gut instinct if at one point the instructions don't make sense.

    When I finished the little hat I realised it was very small, so I unpicked again and added another set of cables, but now that I think about it I could have added two to make the hat fit really comfortably.

    Either way, it was a fun little practise, the cables were easy and the decrease nicely incorporated into the design.

    Now, to look for a new project.....

   For those interested the here is the proper formula for decrease round 7 ( k1, p1, k1, k2tog, k1, p1 )
Simply knitting january 2011, page 28 - cable hat.

Little cable hat.
    A little tip :

   Mistakes, and typos will happen. So if you find one in your favourite book, or magazine be sure to write it down in the margin next to the pattern. This way if you decide to use that pattern again later, or give / loan the book to a friend or daughter they will be aware of the mistake and not waste time getting frustrated with it.

   You can also write the company and let them know, I am sure they will appreciate your input.


  1. Very true. I have found many mistakes in cross-stitch patterns in high-grade magazines, and there's nothing like pinning a little note of correction in the margin.

  2. I know editiors read, and others proof read... but mistakes will happen...... though I sometime suspect that in some cooking recipe the magazines does not always use a real photo, but a 'stock photo' as I have seen recipes with pictures that have visibly ingredients not mentioned......