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Sunday, 21 July 2013

The hobby room/studio

    When we were house hunting a little over two years ago, the house we ended up buying had a feature that stood out from the rest..... a spare and spares basement room.

    I can spares, as there was no electrical plug, and it was floor and wall grey concrete. When we did the big move it was used for a quick storage, and sorting facility. Then my sister painted the wall, and a little later we installed some linoleum. But, it took two years before I was able to find the right furniture height wise, and save for the transformation from basement storage to office.

    The original idea was to make it the hobby/ office for Roland-designs, but after some consideration we realised we should also move the kids computer in there as having it near the TV room made too much confusion. So, even though the legos often take over, and their respective owners are called down from their bedchambers to pick up that mess... or else the legos will be sent in exile to the garage ! My office is now set up, and with a wide corner desk  I am ready to work. All my supplies are at my finger tips, along with my packing supplies, the arts and crafts book, needlework book, and research materials.

    The children also have a little art desk along the wall where they can do their little projects in peace, and the room still needs the attention of a professional electrician to install more plugs and a proper light fixture. I can DIY the basics of electricity, but since I had to add wires and such  but lacked the proper equipment it will have to be double checked/secured if nothing else to comply for our insurance policy.

    There is still some work to be done, painting the ceiling, finishing of a wall, lists, and a real door.... but that can wait a little bit.

This is how our future hobby room looked when we first moved in.....

Small improvements, floor, walls, and a bit of de-cluttering
Oh, no ! The kids took over.......legos, tent, computer..... ....mess !
Finally a peaceful place for work, and crafts.

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