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Friday, 26 July 2013

A little visit to Troyes

    I realised that it has been nearly a month since we went to France and I still have plenty of photos to share.

    After a couple days in Paris we took the train down to Troyes, it is one of the  cities I lived in when I was a little girl and I still have family who lives nearby.

   I remember going to the market with my Papa, my holding his hand on one side, and my sister Elodie holding his other hand. I thought it took soooo long to walk there and back, and that my Papa walked very fast, so my sister and I had to trot along to keep up. Going to the market often meant a little treat, and I remember one particular lady who sold hard honey ' candies', or honey tablets....

    Sometime my sister and I got to choose special animal soaps, and my father being very understanding of little girls he would let us get a new shop when the shape had been worn away. Then one day my mother came into the bathroom and saw we had each gotten a new soap, she promptly said : 
 'What a waste ! You girls must use up all the soap no matter it all there is left is a worn out lump instead of a duck'

Funny the things one remember from their childhood....

   La ruelle des Chats ( cat alley ) is a place I remember very well, a tiny street right in the middle of the old town where the houses are so close they almost touch.

   We had our lunch in a little restaurant Au tables des peintres that is accessed from the walking street  by going through the little cat alley.

   As the name suggest, there were a lot of paintings, and a lot of cat this and that.

  You can check out the art blog of the proprietaire here :

Emilie and Rosaline in La ruelle des chats

A cat of course

Au tables des peintre

Emilie looking around
Old houses, old church, and Emilie smelling the roses

Beautiful roses

The covered market where the girls got bought some eclairs

Emilie and the cathedral

Fleur-de-lys details

The two sisters

A gargoyle

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