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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Antique samplers

   I finally took the time to make a little youtube style video presenting some of my antique samplers. I thought it would be easy enough, but just getting my little camera set, trying to get the dog and cats to leave me alone, etc.... took much longet than expected. ( PS. You can see my dog's tail at the beginning of the film )

    I also had a little problem with running out of memory on my camera, then the telephone ran, my husband came home, and I must have shot it at least 6 times.

    Then I found out that youtube only allows 15 mns, and my little video was over 16 minutes long... Thankfully I was able to verify my account and have extended upload possibilities.

   Well, I hope you will enjoy it anyways and if any of my readers have any suggestions, or requests be sure to write and tell me.



  1. Hi Virginie, I enjoyed watching your video, it was also nice to see you and hear your voice.

  2. I was a bit nervous.... I am rather shy and I know I sound very, very French when I am recorded... Ha !

    My sister reminded me that I needed to zoom-in on the samplers... but alas, this is my first try and I used a gorilla stand on the back of a chair to film. If I could get someone to hold the camera, and zoom in and out where needed it would be the best.....