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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Antique hook rug patterns


    I was very lucky recently to acquire a collection of antique hook rug patterns from ' Perterson's magazine'. Spanning from 1878 - 1887, they are cut and pasted on cardstock, one of the cards has a piece of a label for bonnet boards . ( ? )

    They are authentic antiques, but because they are cut, and glued I did bargain a bit with the seller as they are not as valuable as they would have been, had they still been attached in the original magazine, or at least whole and not cut, or glued.

   But, nevertheless they are still a wonderful set, and those monochrome patterns are perfect for cross stitch, beadwork, filet crochet, lacis, hook rug, petit point, etc....

    I'll be re-charting them and offering them in PDF format on my site within the year, if there is one in particular that one of my reader is interested in ASAP, just let me know and I will prioritize it.

Antique hook rug patterns from 1878-1887

Bonnet boards ?


  1. That's quite a haul you've got - but don't think my eyes could take all those patterns these days! Plenty of keen stitchers around who would like them, though. Good luck with finding them!

  2. Congratulations on such a wonderful find! I am in love with the last one, with a greyhound.

  3. Aye, the greyhound is a beauty. So are the lilies, or are they azaleas? --second from right. Splendid catch!