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Monday, 1 October 2012

The Fram museum

    Last weekend I took my son Alain ( 8 years old ) to Oslo to visit the Fram museum.

    The Fram is the ship that Roald Amundsen used when he sailed to Antartica in 1912 and became the first man to reach the bottom of the world.

    I would highly recommend this museum, the main attraction is of course the Fram herself, but there is also quite a collection of interesting items, and lot's of information in English.

    Alain and I had made a little study this summer of the conquest of the South pole, we saw movies, documentaries, read about it and discussed quite a bit the two men who raced to reach the pole - Cpt. Scott and his gentle ponies, Amundsen and his dogs. I also made sure he knew about Shackleton and his increadible story of survival after his boat was crushed in the ice.

    2012 is the centenial celebration, and with global warming threatening the eternal ice the theme of the poles is just as interesting and actual today as it was 100 years ago.

How do I look in a polar suit ? Alain

A dog sled

I actually thought that the kitchen was not too bad.....very functional !

The Fram

Skies and snow shoes


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  1. Awesome pictures! I love history and museums and that looks like such a fun place to visit! :)