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Sunday 17 October 2021

Christmas ornament 2021


The free Christmas ornament pattern for 2021 is a sweet little needleroll.

The pattern is available as a free PDF download here:

This is a pretty little stitched ornament that is perfect for using up leftover linen scraps and those variegated thread I know each of us stitchers have tucked away in our stash, waiting for just that one  ‘perfect’ project.

For the roll shown in the photos I used 28 ct linen, and about one skein of DMC coloris 4519. If you are using 28 ct linen I would suggest having a piece that is at least 18 x 12 cm. For stitching up I used a thin crochet thread (100% mercerized cotton), you’ll want to use a good, sturdy thread for the stitching up as there is a little bit of tension on the linen when you fill the roll with polyester stuffing.

Start by stitching the cross-stitch design, then from the sides count 5 stitches (10 threads) and pull out 2x thread. Now count 10 stiches (20 threads) and cut, finish off by unravelling about 4 threads.

Trim your embroidery to about 0.8cm/1cm, fold and start sewing by weaving your needle between 2x threads – see photo.

I started stitching from the middle as this gave me the chance to finish off the ends the way I wanted, but you can stitch it up as you prefer; take extra time on the ends as this is what will give your ornament a nice, strong finishing touch.

Stuff your little roll, and finish it off with a nice ribbon, or yarn. 


Stiching is finished, threads are pulled in the center, now unravel 4 threads on each sides


Close up of how the sides are stitched together


I stitched a little 'extra support' at the end of the roll to make sure the ends are strong and secure

Here are some more photos of the project from 'Start-to-finish'.

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I started by stitching a plain roll, just to see how the dimensions worked

Finished with the stitching

My notes, and the finished ornament next to the plain one






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