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Sunday 18 November 2018

40 days Christmas liquor

40 days Christmas liquor

Someone at work mentioned something about the 40 days Christmas liquor (40 dager julelikør - in Norwegian) . I had never heard about it, so naturally went online to check it out. And as expected by those who know me well, I had to give it a try.

As of right now, it doesn’t look too appetizing ! But, only time can tell, and I have to wait 40 days to see if the brown and soupy looking brew has become a Christmassy tasting liquor. 

Here is the basic recipe:

-          One glass jar
-          40 cl of alcohol ( I used Vodka)
-          1 orange pricked 40 times
-          40 coffee beans
-          40 sugar cubes ( I used brown sugar )
-          1 vanilla bean

Place all the ingredients in a clean, sterilized glass jar.

Place in a dark cupboard, and forget about it for 40 days.

Strain, and store in a glass bottle.

Come back in 40 days, and I’ll let you know the result….


40 days later - See here:

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