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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Hunn stone circles, and Begby rock carving - Norway

Last weekend we were looking for someplace  new to explore, and settled on taking a slightly longer drive to visit some Iron and Bronze age sites across the fjord.

The excursion took a bit longer than expected,  and we later wished we had left earlier and packed a picnic as there was so much to see. Along the Ancient trail in the Fredrikstad area, there are many sites of historical interest, but since we had a late start we were only able to see two of them; however we will certainly return to explore some more at a later date.

The first place we stopped at was the Iron age Hunn stone circles, a fascinating burial ground with nine rings of upright stones. In the same area are there several small burial mounts and other graves. 

After that we drove a bit more, and took a little tour of the Begby rock carvings. Those are said to be from the Bronze age and have been painted over with red paint to help bring out the pictures. Considering the age of the carvings you can only guess that there is lot that has been lost through the passage of time, but you can still clearly see the shape of boats, men, and horses.

We finished off the day by a little reconnaissance stop at the old town in Fredrikstad,  regretting  having  so little time to spare we had to hurry home in order to prepare for school and work the next day.

Hunn stone circles

A stone circle ring at Hunn - Norway
Rock carvings at Begby - Notice the men in boats.

Another picture of men in boats

Rosaline (11) inspecting some of the rock carvings at Begby

The path was easy to follow with markers pointing the way.

Norway is so beautiful in the spring, with lovely wild Anemones - Here at the Begby historical site

White Anemones - the humble heralds of spring

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