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Sunday 29 April 2018

Old fashion chocolate chip cookies recipe

Chocolate chip cookies

Here is a little recipe I just had to share - It's for delicious, yet  super easy chocolate chip cookies.
Rosaline and I made them twice already, and  since they were a success both times, I have now added the recipe into my cook book of 'tried and provens'.
Real chocolate chips are expensive and hard to find where I live, so each time we just used some cooking chocolate that we cut into bits. I also did not have a large egg, so we used two small ones.
Most recipes are easy to adjust, so there is nothing wrong with adjusting the ingredients a little, as long as the ration to dry / wet is about the same.


Old fashion chocolate chip cookies

( about 24 cookies )
-          150 g butter – room temperature
-          80 g  brown sugar
-          80 g white sugar
-          2 teaspoon vanilla sugar
-          1 large egg
-          250 g flour
-          ½ teaspoon baking soda
-          ½ teaspoon salt
-          200 g chocolate chips

- Beat until creamy butter + sugar – Then add egg.

- Mix dry ingredients – Chocolate chips go in last.

- Roll into balls, or drop with spoon and bake in a 190 oven for about 8-10 minutes.

- Cool on wire rack.

- These cookies keep very well in an airtight container.

Original recipe courtesy of:

Rosaline helping to cut the chocolate for the cookies

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Spring in Norway. Lovely carpet of purple Anemones in the forest

Spring Anemones in the forest

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