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Monday, 19 March 2018

Super easy crochet Easter eggs - Free pattern

Easy crochet egg cover

This super easy crochet egg pattern is a simplified version of Priscilla Hewitt's Victorian egg ornament.

I whipped up 4 of them this sunday. It was cold ( -11 degrees ) in the morning, the sun was shining and it was a perfect day for doing a little craft project while listening to English traditional folk songs.


DMC cebelia size 20.
1.50 crochet hook
Embroidery needle
Sharp scissor
Ribbon of your choice
Egg ( real egg, or plastic )


- ch 4, join with a sl st to form ring.
- ch 3 ( this counts as your first dc ), then work 11 dc in the ring. Join to first dc with a sl st at the top of the first 3 ch.
- ch 4, attach  to the top of the fist dc, then (ch 3 and attach to next dc -do this x 10 more times). You now have 12 loops.
- ch 5, attach with sc into first loop, then (ch 4 and attach to next dc - do this x 10 more times). You now have 12 loops, and from now on you will stitch in the round so I suggest placing a stitch marker to help you remember when a new round starts.
- ch 5, attach with a sc into next loop, continue in the rounds about 9 times for a regular egg. If you have a larger, small egg this is the time when you can adjust the size by adding or removing rows. 
- ch 4, attach with sc into next loop - do this a total of x 12 times.
- ch 3, attach with sc into next loop - do this a total of x 12 times.
- End your crochet here by cutting a long tail, and passing it through the last crochet sc.
- Gently put your egg into your crochet work, weave the long tail into the top 12 loops, tighten and knot. 
- If you want to add a loop for hanging just make a chain with the extra thread. In the photos you can see the loop I made with with ch 40.
- Weave in all ends, and add a ribbon if you like.

A little stich marker helps to keep track of how many rounds you've made

Testing to see how many rounds I need to cover my little plastic eggs.

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