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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Pretty flowers - Antique cross stitch pattern

Here is the latest addition to our collection of antique pattern replicas – Pretty flowers.

This pattern would have been a supplement to the 1800’s French magazine La brodeuse (The embroideress). Quality ladies or household periodicals of the time would often have a hand painted fashion or embroidery plate. 

The original painted sheet had a very interesting detail, some of the printed pattern was not painted over. Maybe it was a mistake? I can’t really say, as it is very rare to find a pattern that is un-finished.

While charting the picture I did notice that the person who had painted over the printed design had not followed the lines, nor symbols correctly. I always try to chart antique patterns as accurately as possible, but in such a case I take artistic liberty and do my best to make the pattern work. 

Pretty Flowers - Antique hand painted embroidery pattern

Bouquet for furnitures and borders

Details of the printed chart, and painted area

The pattern is available here:

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  1. Growing up I stayed with an Aunt during the day while my parents were working. I remember seeing designs very similar to the one in your main picture. :-)