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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Victorian canvas work. Book review

I recently finished reading a very interesting book all about Victorian embroidery, to be exact Berlin wool work.

Victorian canvas work, by Molly G Proctor was originally written in 1972 and is as far as I know the most complete history of the rise and fall of the Berlin wool work craze which lasted for the better part of the 1800’s.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and found the information and historic details very interesting. The only drawback is that the style of writing can seem a little dull in parts, there are few colour photos most being in black and white, and all the suppliers list is outdated. But then, the book is from the 70’s and now with the internet it is much easier to find antique patterns, and the materials to re-create Victorian era embroideries.

For those who are interested, the book is easily available on Ebay (that is where I got my copy), and other second hand book stores. 
Victorian Canvas work. Molly G Proctor ISBN 0 7134 2647 0
PS. The books I recommend are my own preference, I  am not sponsored by the publishers nor authors.

Victorian canvas work, and some original handpainted Berlin woolwork patterns. Private collection

Berlin woolwork plush work

Lot's of interesting and informative photos, sadly few in colours

Here is a photo of the latest addition to my little collection of Berlin wool work patterns. The person I bought it from posted it in a regular envelope, which was fine except that the envelope got torn somewhere in transit….my heart skipped a beat when I saw the rip, but thankfully the pattern had not gotten damaged.

What a relief !

Look at that torn envelop.... Mailmen and mail ladies please, please treat the post carefully !

And interesting detail where you can see how the pattern was printed. The colours would have been added later by hand with a tiny square paintbrush.

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  1. Beautiful pattern! At least the pattern came out in one piece. It is not unusual for envelopes to get snagged in the sorting machines. I always mail my products in padded envelopes for that reason.