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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Visit to Florence

I wanted to share with my readers a few photos from our little trip to Florence. My dear maman came to watch the children, so my husband and I were able to escape a couple days for a well deserved holiday.

Florence is one of the most visited cities and Italy, and July might just be one of the warmest and busiest months. The first day we visited the Galleria Uffizi. A beautiful museum, and well worth waiting the 40 minutes in the line - despite our having arrived right around opening time.

We had planned on seeing as much as possible, but the long lines in the hot Italian sun did not appeal too much – So we explored on our own, rested then went out in the evening to see the Ponte Vecchio and eat Gelato.

The next day we took a long walk along the Viale Galileo, the sun was not too high yet and the view was beautiful.

There is so much to see in the historical center of Florence, statues, replicas, beautiful buildings, etc… but the best time is definitely early in the morning before the town comes alive with crowds of tourist, and crazy traffic. 

The evenings are lovely, a little cooler but with still a lot to see and experience. Our second evening we sat on the Ponte Vecchio, listening to a street musician while the sun set….no photos, some things just need to be experienced not documented !

The Duomo

Statue of Dante Alighieri

Even if you don't manage to see all the museums, there is plenty of art, and replicas to enjoy around town

Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio is very crowded during the day, but early in the morning before the shop opens it's so charming with  the small gold sellers stalls all secured up with metal bars, padlocks and decorative iron works.

View from the Ponte Vecchio

View of Florence from the Viale Galileo

More views from the Viale Galileo

Ponte Vecchio to the left, and Palazzo Vecchio to the right

Piazzale Michelangelo

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