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Sunday 18 December 2016

Red currant cordial, version 2016

Always sterilise bottles/utensils before use.

One of my Christmas tradition is straining the cordial, tasting and deciding whether or not it is better than last years...

This year I followed a tip from a seller at our local vinmonopolet ( Government owned wine and spirits shops, the only place you can buy alcoholic beverages in Norway that are above 4,75%). She suggested using brown sugar to add a slight 'nutty' taste to the cordial. See post here:

The cordial has now been sitting in the back of the food cupboard for about four months, and it's time to strain it and see how it turned out.

One year I had made it way, way to sweet so this time I had only used 200g of sugar for a liter of alcohol and a kilo of berries.

The colour is nice, the taste is a slight 'tart-berry' taste. I think I will do the same next year, but maybe add a little more sugar to achieve a bit more of a 'sweet' taste, but not too much either as I don't want to make syrup again.

The berries are perfect to use on ice-cream, or in baking.... 

So, here is the 2016 cordial.

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