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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Eidsfoss Jernverksmuseum

Recently we discovered a charming little place not too far from were we live.... we've been there a couple times, and if you come to Vestfold ( Norway ) it's certainly worth a visit.


Eidsfoss is a village on the shores of the beautiful lake – Eikeren. 

The village was famous for the iron work factory - Eidsfos Jernverk. A foundry which produced cast iron ovens, and other iron items from 1697 – 1873.
In 1979 the Old Eidsfos Foundation was able to save some of the older workers houses from demolition. These old buildings now house the postal museum, and a small restaurant.

In Eidsfoss you can also visit the oldest Norwegian grocery shop still in use. 


Old workers house in Eidsfoss

The old grocery store on the left hand side.

The museum with the lake in the background

A collection of iron ovens

Useful, decorative and beautiful.

Delicate details
These were the days when household items were designed to outlive you....


  1. The lake makes such a pretty backdrop! And the ovens are so pretty with all their details!

  2. Wow! Those ornate ovens are incredible!