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Friday 13 November 2015

Bread baking in a traditional 'bryggerhus'.

    On Monday I had the privilege of helping with a bread baking day in an old bryggerhus.

    One my colleague at work lives on an old family farm where they keep some pigs, and recently renovated the 1850’s oven.

    Baking in a traditional oven requires a bit of time, but once heated, you can bake, and cook for hours on end. You must begin the day early by make a fire which will burn for some hours, when the coals are grey you remove them, clean the stones and wait for the oven to cool down to the desired temperature before you can start with your baking.

    There was place for some 30 breads, and when they were done, in went more breads, some pies and at the end pea soup that slowly cooked overnight. 

    Now I am pretty sure that my dream house will have a working oven…….

It got very, very hot in that oven !

The finished product !

First bread batch  is done, pea soup will go in last....

I'm not much of a pig person, but these pigs were well care for and rather cute.

At first they all ran, then they all came back to have their photo taken !


  1. Mmmmm! Smells nice up to here! I love fresh bakes from ancient ovens!

  2. How wonderful! We have a small bakery in our town that
    baked bread in a similar way, it's wonderful!