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Friday, 24 April 2015

Chomper made a flower, and a new crochet project.

    About a year ago I introduced my dear readers to ' Chomper' the venus fly trap. I've had Venus fly traps before, and to be honest they never lived very long. Either they had too much water, or too little, or the house temperate was not right, either ways, I thought Chomper wouldn't last too long either !

    But, 'lo-and-behold' Chomper made himself quite a happy home on my living room window ledge, and after spending a winter admiring the snowy view he decided to make a flower.

   This was quite a nice little surprise, and if wikepedia is to be believed Chomper could live another 20-30 years.

'Chomper' and his flower

Venus fly trap bloom

    In early spring there is little that can be done in the garden, but the house plants often need a little attention and re-poting. I have an abundance of  Ildtopp (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana), they grow and grow and after a while start to look a little shabby, so spring is a good time of year to take cuttings of the best stems, discard some, and the rest can be planted in the garden later to add volume to the flower beds. 

    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana are called Ildtopp in Norway, but the English speaking community has much more interesting names for this very popular living room plant such as 'Flaming Katy', and 'Madagascar widow's-thrill'.

Pink Kalanchoe cuttings in water

    I always have a couple activities to choose from for those rare free moment, or to  keep my hands from boredom while watching TV. 

    Usually one or two cross stitch pictures, and one crochet/ knitting project which is meant to be something I can take with me while I sit in public transportation, wait for my children at activities or for evenings when my eyes are too tired for cross stitched.

   Filet crochet is an all time favourite and this is my new project, a square doily or tablecloth center with the words from the Lord's prayer ' Give us this day, our daily bread'.
    I'm working it in cotton with a size 1.00 hook. It will probably take a long time, but with all the open spaces if won't be particularly difficult.

The beginning of what is going to be a big filet crochet project.

     The pattern is available here as a cross stitch, or filet crochet project. Do take notice that if you work the pattern in cross stitch it will make a nice little embroidered cloth that would be perfect to line a bread basket with, while in filet crochet it will make a much large square that could be used as a center piece on a table, maybe with a nice flower vase in the middle- or a bread basket.