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Friday, 27 February 2015

'Give us this day our daily bread..... '. Easy bread recipe.

Super, easy home baked bread
     The past couple months, I've been trying out different bread recipes in search of an easy and quick recipe that does not require a lot of ingredients or complicated instruction.

     Here is a super easy recipe that I've done several times and is always a success ! It resembles the famous 'artisan' bread, but I've simplified the process, and added a little oil......


 Easy bread
-          6 cups flour + extra for rolling bread in
-          1 pk yeast
-          1 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt ( I use Maldon salt )
-          3 cups tepid water
-          2 tablespoons olive oil

This bread is really easy, and uses very few ingredients the secret is to let it rise in peace, and to bake in a hot oven.

Mix flour and salt. Soften the yeast in the warm water, add the olive oil, then mix all ingredients together with a wooden spoon. The dough will be wet and sticky.

Cover with plastic foil or a clean wet kitchen towel, and leave to rise in a draft free place for 2 hours.

Gently roll the dough into flour, divide into two loaves, place on oven tray covered with baking paper. You don’t want to mess up the air bubbles too much, so handle the dough as little as possible.

Leave to rise for about 20-30 mns.

Preheat oven to 220 degrees, cut slits into the bread with a sharp knife or razor blade. Sprinkle generously with water, then bake for about 30 minutes or till top is golden and the bread sounds hollow when tapped (knock on the bread with your knuckles like you would on a door )

Let the bread cool on a wire rack before slicing.

Rosaline helping with the bread making.


  1. I love bread. It feels like I'm the last person alive who still eats gluten (well, and maybe you!). Thanks so much for this recipe! And the photo of Rosaline is just so lovely.

    Popping over from the EBT!

  2. Here too.... we eat all the forbiden natural foods... wheat, milk, real butter, red meat, nuts, Norwegian salmon, and even sugar....... !

    I'm pretty lucky to have four children who have no allergies, but I do believe that the key to health and weight management is simply moderation.