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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Conversion for cross stitch fabric from inches to cm + antique Sajou embroidery pattern.

    Since 2008 I have designed and sold cross stitch embroidery patterns, I have an extensive library of embroidery books/ magazines/ research material, I have more finished cross stitch pictures then I have wall space, but ask me what is the metric conversion for 28 ct linen and I go blank !

   As I am sure I wasn’t the the first one to google ‘What is 28ct linen in cm ?’  I decided to look it up once-and-for-all, and keep the conversion chart handy. 

   Do remember when buying fabric for an embroidery project to calculate a large margin for both framing, and the occasional error. Beside, the fabric could fray and it would be a shame to reach the end of a project and realize you have too little fabric left for professional framing. 

   If perchance you do run out of fabric, don’t panic ! You could always sew on an extra piece and hide the hem behind a pass partout. 

Aida 11ct / 4.3pts cm
Aida 14ct / 5.5pts cm
Aida 16ct / 6.3pts cm
Aida 18ct / 7.1pts cm
Evenweave/ Linen 20ct / 8fils cm
Evenweave/ Linen 25ct / 10fils cm
Evenweave/ Linen 28ct / 11fils cm
Evenweave/ Linen 32ct / 12fils cm
Evenweave/ Linen 36ct / 14fils cm


Here are a few photos of a lovely antique Sajou pattern I just finished re-charting, I am not sure what type of rose it is, but it's beautiful.

Signed 'Sajou'

Lovely details

Pattern available here:


    Not much garden news in February, but I did want to share a pic. of my cute little cactuses. Grown from seeds that came from Mexico, these tiny little prickly plants have very slowly grown and thrives in my living room.

Tiny Mexican cactuses growing on a Norwegian window sill.

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